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While at home…

During my travels in 2012 I collected 14 hours of video. This week I finally got around to making it into a single collection, and put it online:

I also got around to writing detailed blogs for cyclists on of my routes in The Annapurna (Nepal), The Manali РLeh Highway (India), The Nubra Valley (India) and East Africa. When I was researching these routes it was very difficult to find information and advice online, so I hope they can help people who are thinking about those routes in the future.

And finally, I uploaded 50 recordings I made during the trip to The Freesound Project. My favourites are:

A buddhist ceremony of killing ‘ego’ in a monastery in the Himalayas
A train idling at night in India surrounded by frogs
A funeral song in Laos
Erte Ale volcano in Ethiopia
A pool full of bubbling sulphur in Ethiopia
Durbar Square market at night, Kathmandu


I’m a blogger

I don’t like bloggers.

Anyway, since I’m going to be traveling for a while this year; Facebook’s blackout in China and mass-email aside, it’s the best way to ‘keep in touch’ with friends and family.

I’ll start with a couple of rambling entries of my skewed impressions of Korea having lived here for 2 years. Following that, I’ll update intermittently while stumbling around the world.