While at home…

During my travels in 2012 I collected 14 hours of video. This week I finally got around to making it into a single collection, and put it online:

I also got around to writing detailed blogs for cyclists on crazyguyonabike.com of my routes in The Annapurna (Nepal), The Manali – Leh Highway (India), The Nubra Valley (India) and East Africa. When I was researching these routes it was very difficult to find information and advice online, so I hope they can help people who are thinking about those routes in the future.

And finally, I uploaded 50 recordings I made during the trip to The Freesound Project. My favourites are:

A buddhist ceremony of killing ‘ego’ in a monastery in the Himalayas
A train idling at night in India surrounded by frogs
A funeral song in Laos
Erte Ale volcano in Ethiopia
A pool full of bubbling sulphur in Ethiopia
Durbar Square market at night, Kathmandu



6 thoughts on “While at home…

  1. Sarah says:

    Luke – I have just stumbled across your blog from a link on a LP thorn tree forum, thought the name sounded familiar. We met you along the Manali-Leh Highway a year back, then bumped into you again in Leh & you wanted us to come to the Nubra Valley with you but we were too buggered. Cool to see you detailed your travels in a blog. And that you made it thru some of Africa after we met you – how was that on a bike?? We’re planning a bigger bike trip next year thru more of Asia – Laos, China, the Stans, maybe Nepal – route to be decided. Cant wait! From those kiwis you met in India last year, if you remember, Sarah & Em 🙂

    • lukecape says:

      Hi Sarah. I do indeed remember! I was busy putting up flyers on the streetlights of Changspa looking forward to getting back into the mountains. I loved Ladakh, hope you enjoyed it too!

      Africa on a bike was very different from India and Nepal. I was cycling in Kenya and Tanzania, where the landscape was massive and at times monotonous. It was flat as a pancake compared to the Manali-Leh Highway, and the main challenge was a mental one rather than physical. I discovered that I don’t have the temperment to be a real long-distance touring cyclist – I craved variety in my routine and human contact too much! I enjoyed parts of it (particularly Western Kenya and along the Masai Mara) but Nepal and India topped it by a long way in the biking stakes!

      That said, Malawi was a brilliant country to cycle in. Such a varying landscape, great little roads and backroads and the Lake never more than a day’s ride away if you want to take a break. Malawi and Nepal were my two favourite countries from this trip.

      Good luck in your planning! Keep in touch on how it goes.


  2. dfishdesign says:

    Just came across you Crazyguyonabike report of the Annapurna Circuit, watched your video which led me to your blog!

    Thanks for documenting the ride, I’ll enjoy reading through your blog posts this week. I was in Nepal for a month of climbing and I’ve got the itch to go back and ride a bike!

  3. I also came across your link from Crazyguyonabike and was very interested in your Slowly Down Rift Valley route. I enjoy the tedious on a bike and have done a fair share of long distance pedaling so I don’t mind that. I thought the Kisumu to Nairobi back through Tanzania (Lake Victoria) looks like a beautiful route. I was hoping to get your input on a self supported route and how that might fair for someone with limited contacts and travel in Africa

    I appreciate the input!

    • lukecape says:

      Hi Brian,

      It is indeed a very nice route. As you can see, I didn’t go the most direct route but went up into the Eldoret highlands and then back through Nakuru and Naivasha. It’s a fairly straightforward route along national roads, but there would be opportunities to follow more backcountry roads if you do a bit of research. A good starting point for questions would be the Kenya Mountain Bikers yahoo group. Just google them and join the group; they’re very helpful with answers.

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