Back in Africa

I haven’t updated this blog in too long. Since India, i’ve spent a month in Northern Ethiopia, then a week traveling down to Nairobi by buses and 10 days or so cycling around Kenya.

I will blog about all this in great detail come late November.

As of now, I’m in Nairobi about to leave on a long cycle to Malawi through Western Tanzania. The route will take me past (but not ‘through’) the Maasai Mara lands and Lake Victoria in Kenya, the Serengeti and Burundi border in NW Tanzania, then a 3 day sail down Lake Tanganyika on the ‘MV Liemba’, a 99-year-old German gunboat that still plies the route twice monthly and finally through the SW Tanzanian highlands to the Malawi border, where I hope to rest for a while.

I won’t be updating the blog until then, but for now here’s a map of the proposed route:

Route plan:

27th October: Nairobi to Narok (144km): couchsurfing

28th October: A day in Narok: couchsurfing

29th October: Narok to Oloololo (113km): camping

30th October: Oloololo to Migori (79km): couchsurfing

31st October: Migori to Musoma [Tanzania] (125km): couchsurfing

1st November: A day in Musoma: couchsurfing

2nd November: Musoma – Serengeti Stopover Camp (87km): camping

3rd November: Serengeti Stopover Camp – Mwanza (135km): couchsurfing

4th November: A day in Mwanza: couchsurfing

5th November: Another day in Mwanza: couchsurfing

6th November: Mwanza to Kasama (93km): camping

7th November: Kasama to Musasa (130km): camping

8th November: Musasa to Kakonko (88km): camping

9th November: Kakonko to bush camp (115km): camping

10th November: bush camp to Kigoma (144km): couchsurfing

11th November – 14th November: 4 days in Kigoma: couchsurfing

14th November – 16th November: 3 days on MV Liemba ferry

16th November: Kasanga port: hotel/camping

17th November: Kasanga to Mtai (64km): camping

18th November: Mtai to Laela (100km): camping

19th November: Laela to Tunduma (120km): camping

20th November: Tunduma to Mbeya (110km): hotel/camping

21st November: Mbeya to Tukuyu (70km): camping

22nd November: Tukuyu to Katumbi [Malawi] (70km): camping

23rd November: Katumbi to Chitimba (115km): camping

… and from there i’ll see what happens.

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One thought on “Back in Africa

  1. Jakob Zweep says:

    Wow, looks impressive Luke, I’m looking forward to your stories !
    Have a good time and save travels!

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